About us

DLL Global is a virtual continuation of Deep Learning Labs, a popular series of on-site hackathon events by Nextgrid. Our mission is to inspire hackers to build new solutions based on the most powerful tech on the planet, deep learning and reinforcement learning. DLL is present in Warsaw, Zurich, London, and Barcelona, and soon launching in the US and Asia.

DLL Global events will be hosted online on a bi-weekly basis and open to the worldwide AI community. Each event will be focused on tackling the most important global challenges. The first series consisting of 5 hackathons will be dedicated to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. 

DLL Global welcomes AI industry experts, talents and enthusiasts to participate and the public to follow their progress and results.

How it all started

Deep learning labs is young, but we are building a movement. While this videos showcase our short history, we hope you will be part of the amazing journey when we now moving forward and brining reinforcement learning out to a broader audience.